Privacy policy

Your privacy

As you use our website, sign up for and use our service we will collect and use a variety of data about you. This document explains how we will use and protect your data.

Using our website

As you use our website, our http server will collect information about you, including (but not limited to) your IP address, date/time of your visit, pages visited, information about your ISP and information about your browser. Sometimes we will get access to the site that referred you to ours via a link or other mechanism. We will use this data to improve our service (including marketing) and to celebrate how far we have come.

This site does not use Google Analytics, however we are signed up for Google Search Console. If you visit our site from Google, be aware that your use of Google services is subject to their terms of use and privacy policies. We host this on DigitalOcean thus they will have similar access to all of the traffic that flows through this application and website.

Signing up

When you sign up we will collect your identifying and contact information, including your website URLs. We will use this information so you can login, use our service and recover your login information if you lose it. We also use this data as a main key for all the other data we collect as you use our service, including your websites and the forms you have set up.

We use it as a key for security and authentication reasons - we don't want strangers to be able to change your forms! But we also use it so we can give you a copy of all the data we have collected or else delete it on your request.

Using Formimp

WE DO NOT STORE MESSAGES THAT HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFULLY SENT TO YOUR MS TEAM'S ACCOUNT. However, we store spam messages that our service blocks. We store these messages so we can automatically update spam lists and send abuse reports to the services that host spammers. We do this because while we care about your privacy and your businesses, we don't care about spammers' privacy or their businesses.