FormImp started with an insight about communications

Traditional forms add to email bloat and encourage conversations to happen in silos. But if you integrate your forms into a chat solution, you can focus your company's conversations around what your customers are talking to you about.

Generate forms and integrate them into your existing chat solution

FormImp currently only supports MS Teams, but Slack support is on the roadmap. Apply now to get involved and start beta testing.

Sign up!

FormImp is currently in beta mode - click the link to apply now and start turbocharging all the forms on your website.

Generate forms!

Generate contact or support forms using a variety of powerful components and pre-existing styles, or take control and customize your own form code to use FormImp.

Integrate them into MS Teams!

If you don't already use Microsoft Teams, sign up for an account and get started. You can configure this however you want - you may want all your forms going to one channel where you (or someone you trust) can quarterback them to the best person to respond. Or you may want to bring all the relevant people into a channel for each form. The only limit is your imagination!

Start conversations about your customers!

As you start to use FormImp, you'll find lots of opportunities to integrate your customer contacts into how you run your business - from improving messaging on your website/in your advertisements to improving your response rates. With FormImp, you'll start in collaboration software.